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admin elementary skills-based courses
admin elementary skills-based report card setup
admin elementary skills-based setup
admin long term substitutes
admin skills-referenced courses (itccs)
admin standards-based courses (txeis)
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admin student grades - find student
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administrator options
arrange student order
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assignment grades - elementary skills-based
assignment grades - skills-referenced (itccs)
assignment grades - standards-based (txeis)
assignment grades last updated report
assignment grades last updated report selection
assignment grades per skill selection
assignment grades report
assignment grades report selection
assignment grades skills-referenced report (itccs)
assignment grades skills-referenced report selection (itccs)
assignment grades standards-based report (txeis)
assignment grades standards-based report selection (txeis)
assignment skill grades trend report
attendance roster
attendance roster report selection
attendance summary report
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attendance verification report
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blank/missing grades report
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calculate averages
class roster report
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copy categories
copy student groups
course grouping
cycle grade range report
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cycle grades

discipline referrals
discipline referrals - find student

elementary letter and number skills
elementary report card student notes
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elementary report cards for campus
elementary word skills
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exchange teacher settings

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print IPR by average

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rubric report (txeis only)
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rubric setup (txeis only)

seating chart setup
seating charts report
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sorting columns
special characters and copy/paste from other documents
special program report selection
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student assignment grades: standards-based (txeis)
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student group editor
student group manager
student group reports
student note report
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student profile - advanced placement (AP) (txeis only)
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student profile - documents (itccs only)
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