Student Profile - Attendance

The Student Attendance page displays an overview of the student's attendance from a specified date.

The Attendance From Date field displays the student's enrollment date by default, and the Attendance To Date displays the current date. To select other dates, type the date, or click calendar to open the calendar and select a date. To close the calendar, you must click a valid date on the calendar or click the calendar icon.

The student's attendance data from the specified date range is displayed by date and period.

      The totals for absences, tardies, and excused absences for the specified date range are also displayed.

      For any date/period during which the student was not present and on time, a code is displayed in the cell indicating the circumstances (e.g., tardy, ill, unexcused absence) for the date/period.

      Days without a posted absence code are not displayed.

      A legend is displayed next to the attendance table. The legend displays all codes that appear in the student's attendance data. The legend only displays codes that appear in the attendance data currently displayed. Codes that do not appear in the table are not included in the legend.

      Absences are highlighted in pink. Tardies are highlighted in yellow. Any absences entered from the Student system (i.e., not via txGradebook) are highlighted in gray.