Administer Courses

Settings > Administer Courses

The Administer Courses page allows you to set course-wide information. Data entered on this page affects only the selected course section.

Add course-wide data:

1.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section for which you want to add data.


If the Max Seats for this course-section is set to 000 in the campus-section record, it is not listed in the drop down.

2.        In the Assessment Type field, click drop-down arrow to indicate if you want the course to be set up as category-based (i.e., regular) or standards-based/skills-referenced. (TxEIS = standards-based; iTCCS = skills-referenced)


·       The field is only displayed if both the campus and the course are set up to use standards-based/skills-referenced grading. It is not displayed if the campus has disabled the teacher’s ability to determine the assessment type for the course.

·       If a course is currently set up as category-based, you cannot change the course to standards-based/skills-referenced unless all associated grade and category information is deleted. The reverse is also true.

·       You can only use numeric grading for standards-based/skills-referenced courses.

·       If a course is set up to use standards-based/skills-referenced grading, it must continue to use this assessment type for the remainder of the year. You cannot use standards-based/skills-referenced for only one semester.

3.        Under Course Note, you can enter optional comments and notes about your course, such as reminders, announcements, and other course-related information. If entered, these comments are viewable in the txConnect parent portal.


A course note must be added for each course individually, including courses that are part of a Course Group. If the note applies to all courses in the group, it must be added for each course in the group.

4.        Under Course Group, your course groups are listed. This section is only displayed if the selected course is associated with a course group.

If you are logged on as a campus- or district-level administrative user impersonating this teacher, the delete icon is available allowing you to remove the course from the teacher's group. Removing the course does not delete the group; it only removes the course from the group. Once the course is removed from the teacher's group, it can be added to a group for another teacher, if the course meets all other criteria for course grouping.

5.        Type your four-digit PIN in the PIN field and click Save.

      If your changes were saved successfully, the page reloads, and a message is displayed indicating that the data was saved successfully.

      If you typed your PIN incorrectly, the system notifies you that you provided an invalid PIN. You must provide the correct PIN before you can continue.

6.        If you change any data on the page and then attempt to leave the page without saving the changes, a warning message is displayed. This includes attempting to change the Course Section field before you save changes.

      Click Continue to leave this page without saving your changes.

      Click Cancel to return to the page and save your changes.