Student Grades Report (and UIL Eligibility) Selection

Reports > Student Grades Reports (and UIL Eligibility) OR Reports > Student Group Reports > Student Grades Report

The Student Grades Report allows you to view and print the report generated from the Student Grades Report Selection page.

After you select options for the report, click Generate. This page displays the report according to the options selected on the previous page. Courses in which the student has failing grades are shaded pink.

The report can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Print the report:

1.        To export the report to Microsoft Excel, click Export. The File Download dialog box is displayed prompting you to open or save the file.

      Click Open to open the file. The report opens in Excel.

      Click Save to save the file. The Save As dialog box is displayed allowing you to select the location in which to save the file. Click Save again to save the file.

      Click Cancel not to open or save the file.

2.        To print the report displayed on the page, click Print. The Print dialog box opens allowing you to select your printer and settings. Click Print to continue, or click Cancel to cancel printing.

3.        To close the report, click Close Window in the report window. The Student Grades Report Selection page remains open on your desktop.