Special Program Report Selection

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The Special Programs Report is only available to users who log on to txGradebook with a district- or campus-level administrative ID, or teachers who have access to run the special programs report. The report provides a listing of the special populations for each student in the class.

Only the special programs selected on the following pages are included in the report:

      For TxEIS users, the Campus Grade Book Options tab in Grade Reporting

      For iTCCS users, the Campus txGradebook Options Maintenance page (WST0049) in the Campus menu

If generic programs is selected on either page, the Generic column appears in the report and displays generic program information.

Produce a report:

1.        The Special Program Report Selection page is displayed allowing you to enter options for generating the report.

2.        The Semester field displays the current semester by default. Click drop-down arrow to select another semester for which you want to print the report.

3.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section for which you want to print the report.

4.        In the As Of Date field, type the date in the MM/DD/YYYY format. Or, click calendar to select the date from the calendar.

To close the calendar, you must click a valid date on the calendar, or click the calendar icon.

5.        Under Viewing Options, make the following selections:

      If you want the student names to be displayed on the report, select View Student Names. Otherwise, the names are not printed on the report, and students can only be identified by their student IDs. The student ID is always displayed on the report.

      If you want to narrow the student data to only course sections for the current semester-cycle, set the View Course Section(s) option to Current. Otherwise, select All to show data for all course sections.

These options are disabled if you are logged on as an administrative user and select Across Campus under Admin Options.

6.        The fields under Admin Options are only displayed if you are logged on as an administrative user.

      Select Across Campus if you want to view data for all courses across the campus. Otherwise, data is only displayed for the selected course section or for the impersonated teacher’s courses.


If you are impersonating a teacher for whom no courses are defined, the message "No courses defined" is displayed at the bottom of the page, and the fields are disabled. However, once you select Across Campus, the message is removed because it may not apply to all instructors at the campus, and the fields are enabled.

      If Across Campus is selected, the View Without Course/Section & Instructor in Grid Format field is enabled.

o      If you do not select View Without Course/Section & Instructor in Grid Format, the report is grouped by course section. The report is similar to the report for nonadministrative users; however, the instructor is listed for each course section. For nonadministrative users, the instructor is listed once at the top of the report.

o      If you select View Without Course/Section & Instructor in Grid Format, the report data is displayed in a grid format, and the course section and instructor are not displayed. The default sort is by student name; however, the grid can be re-sorted.

7.        To produce the report, click Generate. The report opens in a new window, and you can print the report from the window.

      The report selection page remains open on your desktop.

      View the Special Programs Report Help page for information about the report.