Rubric Report Selection (TxEIS Only)

Reports > Rubrics OR Settings > Rubric Setup

The Rubric Selection page allows you to produce a report showing a rubric chart which has been set up on Settings > Rubric Setup. You can print only the rubric chart, or you can print the rubric chart with student grades for a particular assignment.

The report is available for TxEIS districts only.

Produce a report:

1.        You can access the report in two ways:

      From the Reports menu, select Rubrics.

      From the Settings > Rubric Setup page, retrieve a rubric chart, and then click Print Selected Rubric.

The Rubric Report Selection page is displayed allowing you to enter options for generating the report.

2.        In the Rubric Name field, click drop-down arrow to select the rubric chart you want to print. Only rubric charts that have skills and scores already set up are listed in the drop down.

3.        In the Title (Optional) field, you can type a title for the report. If you leave this field blank, the rubric chart name is used as the title. The field can be up to 50 characters.

4.        Select Print with grades if you want to print the report with student grades. This field is only displayed if the selected rubric chart has already been used to grade an assignment.

      When you select Print with grades, an additional field is displayed allowing you to select a course section. Only course sections that have a rubric chart set up are listed.

      Once you select a course section, another field is displayed allowing you to select the assignment that was graded with a rubric chart.

      Once you select an assignment, a list of students in the course section is displayed, along with their grade for the assignment. Select This Student for the students for whom you want to print the rubric. You can select Check all at the top of the column to select all students in the course section.

5.        To produce the report, click Generate. The report opens in a new window, and you can print the report from that window.

      The report selection page remains open on your desktop.

      View the Rubric Report Help page for information about the report.