Attendance Verification Report Selection

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The Attendance Verification Report Selection page allows you to produce a report showing attendance for all of your students for a selected course section and date range. You can view data for up to one semester. You can also generate a summary report that displays only totals for the selected date range.

The following codes are used:

      A - Excused absence

      S - School-related absences

      T - Tardy

      X - Truant

An asterisk displayed next to the attendance code indicates that the absence or tardy occurred in a course other than the course the student is currently enrolled in (e.g., if he transferred from one course to another during the school year).


·       Inservice work days are indicated with an I in the column heading.

·       Saturday may be a valid attendance date, even if the course does not meet on Saturday. This may be used for bad weather makeup days.

·       If you are printing the report for more than three weeks, you should set the printer orientation setting to landscape or the Page Scaling field to Shrink to Printable Area. If the Shrink to Printable Area setting is not enabled, the landscape orientation will accommodate up to six weeks plus the Total column per page. Additional weeks (up to one semester) can be generated by entering the appropriate dates in the From Date and To Date fields; however, the report will print on multiple sheets of paper with a Total column on each page.

Produce a report:

1.        The Attendance Verification Report Selection page is displayed allowing you to enter options for generating the report.

2.        The Semester field displays the current semester by default. Click drop-down arrow to select another semester for which you want to print the report.

3.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section and period for which you want to print the report.

4.        In the From Date and To Date fields, type the beginning and ending dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format for the date range you want to print. Or, click calendar to select the dates from the calendar.

      Both dates must fall within the selected semester. Otherwise, an error message is displayed.

      To close the calendar, you must click a valid date on the calendar, or click the calendar icon.

5.        Withdrawn students are not automatically displayed. Select Include Withdrawn Students to include withdrawn students in the report.

6.        Select Summary Only to display only totals for the selected date range. If the field is not selected, the report lists all absences for the selected date range.

7.        To produce the report, click Generate. The report opens in a new window, and you can print the report from that window.

      The report selection page remains open on your desktop.

      View the Attendance Verification Report Help page for information about the report.