Elementary Report Card Skillset Student Notes

Grades > Elementary Report Cards > Elementary Report Card Student Notes > Skillset Notes

The Elementary Report Card Skillset Student Notes page allows you to enter skillset-specific notes for students that will be printed on the elementary skills-based report cards at the bottom of each skillset section.

Enter notes:

1.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section for which you want to enter notes.

2.        In the STUDENT field, click drop-down arrow to select the student for whom you are entering notes. Only students in the selected course section are listed.

3.        The skillsets for the course (determined according to the report card for the course) are displayed in the grid. In the Notes field for each skillset, type the student-specific note. The note size is specified at the district level. If you exceed the space allowed, a message is displayed.

4.        To clear all existing notes for the student, click Clear All Notes. You are prompted to confirm that  you want to clear the notes. Click OK to continue.

5.        Before you leave the page or select another course section, you must save the data.

      In the PIN field, type your four-digit PIN.

      Click Save.

o      If your changes were saved successfully, a message is displayed indicating that the student report card notes were saved.

o      If you typed your PIN incorrectly, the system notifies you that you provided an invalid PIN. You must provide the correct PIN before you can continue.