Admin Skills-Based Report Card Setup - Step 2

Admin > Elementary Report Cards > Elementary Skills-Based Report Card Setup

The Admin Skills-Based Report Card Setup - Step 2 page is only available to users who log on to txGradebook with a district-level security administrator user ID. The page allows you to select the skills that will be assessed on the report card.

This is the second of two pages.

Generate report cards:

1.        From the Admin menu,select Elementary Report Cards, and then select Elementary Skills-Based Report Card Setup.

      The Admin Skills-Based Report Card Setup - Step 1 page is displayed allowing you to create report cards that can be printed from the reports menu.

      Save any changes on the Step 1 page, and then click Go to Step 2. The Admin Skills-Based Report Card Setup - Step 2 page is displayed.

2.        In the Report Card field, click drop-down arrow to select the report card you are updating.

Under Available Skills, the skill sets and skills established on Admin > Elementary Skills-Based Setup are listed.

3.        Select the skills to be included on the report card, and click double arrow right to include the selected skills on the report card. The selected skills move to Selected Skills, and are no longer displayed under Available Skills.

4.        If any skills need to be removed from the report card, select the skills under Selected Skills, and click double arrow left to remove the selected skills from the report card. The skills are removed from the Selected Skills list and moved to Available Skills.

5.        The Ord fields allow you to indicate the order in which the skills will appear within each skill set on the report card. Type 1 to list the skill first, type 2 to list the skill second, and so on.

You can also indicate the order in which the skill sets are listed on the report card. Each skill set has an Ord field allowing you to specify its position. For example, type 1 for the skill set to be listed first. This does not apply to the letter, number, and word skill sets which will appear in grid format on the report cards.

6.        In the Notes field for each skill, you can add notes about the skill that will print on the report card.

      When you click in the field, the space expands to allow you to view more of the message you are typing. When you click out of the field, the space reverts to displaying only one row of the notes.

      Any notes entered here are displayed for the teacher on the Assignment Grades page when he moves the cursor over the skill name.

7.        In the Sem#C# fields, you can specify the semester and cycle in which the skill should be assessed. For each skill, select the appropriate Sem#C# field.

These fields are only displayed if all semester and cycle grade reporting headers are set to the same value. For example, all grade reporting headers must be set to two semesters per year and two cycles per semester. If even one campus is set to a different value (such as one track set to 2sem/3cyc, and one track set to 2sem/2cyc), the fields are not displayed, and a message is displayed indicating that cycle availability is unavailable.

When these fields are in use, the report card will be shaded to indicate the skills being assessed in the semester/cycle for which the report card was printed.


·       You must select at least one cycle for each skill. If all cycles are left unselected, the program will automatically select all cycles when you click Save.

·       For the Letters, Numbers, Spanish Letters, Color Word Recognition, Rote Counting, and High Frequency Word list skills, all Sem#C# fields are selected by default and cannot be changed.

For Rote Counting only, an additional field is displayed below the Sem#C# field allowing you to type up to three alphanumeric characters. The field is optional and provides a place for you to further indicate the cycle expectations. For example, for the skill Backwards, you could type /10 for Sem1C1 to indicate that the student is expected to count backwards from 10 by semester 1 cycle 1. You could type /25 for Sem1C2 to indicate that the student is expected to count backwards from 25 by semester 1 cycle 2, and so on.

8.        Click Save.

If your changes were saved successfully, a message is displayed indicating that the save was successful.

9.        Click Go to Step 1 to return to the Admin Skills-Based Report Card Setup - Step 1 page for setting up elementary skills-based report cards.