Admin Discipline Referrals

Admin > Admin Discipline Referrals

The Admin Discipline page is only available to users who log on to txGradebook with a district- or campus-level security administrator user ID. The page allows administrative users to view a student's discipline records.

1.        From the Discipline Referrals - Find Student page, locate the student for whom you want to view grades, and then click View Student.

The Admin Discipline Referrals page is displayed allowing you to view the student's discipline data.

2.        The following data is displayed

      At the top of the list, the campus is displayed, followed by a summary of referrals found by status and by severity.

      For each record, the following information is displayed. This information is entered in txGradebook on the Discipline > Discipline Referrals page:

o      Submitted By - the name of the txGradebook user who submitted the referral

o      Severity - the severity of the offense, such as Low, Medium, or High (High indicates a very severe offense.)

o      Offense Description - the PEIMS offense code describing the offense

o      Referrer Comments - comments related to the offense that were entered by the person who submitted the referral in txGradebook

o      Date/Time of Incident - the date and time of the incident

o      Sent to Office - whether or not the student was sent to the office as a result of the incident

o      Teacher's Course Section - the course section in which the incident occurred, if applicable

o      Status

      Pending - submitted referrals that are awaiting review and further action from an administrator

      Reviewed - submitted referrals that have been reviewed by an administrator, and for which the administrator is taking no further action

      Completed - submitted referrals that have been reviewed by an administrator, and for which further action was taken

3.        To view data for another student, click Change Student. The Discipline Referrals - Find Student page is displayed allowing you to search for another student.

4.        To print the data displayed on the page, click Print. The Print dialog box opens allowing you to select your printer and settings. Click Print to continue, or click Cancel to cancel printing.