About txGradebook


The txGradebook application is an integrated classroom management system that allows teachers to maintain and post student data, including attendance and grades. This application also allows you to receive transfer students and produce IPRs. Various inquiry pages allow you to view student demographic data, contact information, attendance records, schedules, test scores, and more.

txGradebook's integration with the iTCCS and TxEIS Student systems makes it unnecessary to perform imports and exports of data in order to populate the records. Data is shared between the systems, thereby eliminating much of the work needed to maintain two systems. The application provides real-time data that is updated any time grades, attendance, or student/teacher schedules change. Data is written directly to the district database. Teachers may access txGradebook anywhere with an Internet connection (school or home).

User Types


Teachers do not have administrative access and are directed to the Announcements page when they log on. The Admin tab is not displayed in the main menu, and some reports that require administrative access are not displayed in the Reports submenu.

      Teachers who teach courses for which students must meet UIL eligibility requirements (e.g., band and athletics) can be granted access to the UIL report in the Reports menu. The UIL report allows a teacher to view his students' working cycle averages for all of their courses to determine UIL eligibility and locate students who may be at risk of losing eligibility.

      Teachers can be granted access to the Special Program report in the Reports menu. The report allows teachers to view a listing of the special populations for each student in the class.

Long-Term Substitute Teachers

Long-term substitute teachers can be granted access to use txGradebook on behalf of a teacher who is out for an extended period of time. When the substitute logs in to txGradebook as the teacher, the substitute can select the teacher for whom he is substitute teaching. Then, the substitute teacher can proceed to use txGradebook as the teacher.


There are various levels of security assigned to txGradebook administrators. Administrators can be given either full maintenance or inquiry-only access, and administrators can be assigned access to a single campus or all campuses. The access level is displayed on the Administrator Options page. Campus-level administrators can also be assigned Discipline-only access.

A txSuite Administrator Training Guide is available to assist you with administrative-level use of txGradebook.