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The Parent Portal Mobile site is available!

From your smartphone or mobile device, please visit our mobile site at:

District Message

Welcome to txConnect. If you need a student portal ID to create an account, please come by your campus office. With each account in txConnect parents can either choose to receive e-mail alerts or text message alerts. So if you want to receive text message alerts along with e-mail alerts just create a second account with the same Student/Parent Portal ID number. Example: account one can be Mom2010 (e-mail) and account two can be Momtext (text). On the text account when it asks for e-mail key-in complete phone number + the extension for your phone: Examples: 123456789@txt.att.net = AT&T service 123456789@tmomail.net = TMobile 123456789@messaging.sprintpcs.com = Sprint 123456789@vtext.com = Verizon